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Loads of features to fit any virtual business model.

Real-Time Interface
Watch as orders are being placed and paid in real time. Customers also enjoy the benefit of seeing their orders process in real time.
We utilize best in class fraud prevention tools. Orders placed by nefarious customers will be held for manual review.
Webhooks & Notifications
Get notifications in Discord or Slack whenever you receive an order or when an order's status updates.
Live Support Chat
Assist your customers in real time with our support integrations. View past orders and other customer information.
Automated Replacements
Issue replacement items for an order with the click of a button.
Add your own domain
Access your shop through your very own domain. (Or just use the one we give you for free)
Customer Toolkit
Loads of minor tweaks to make the customer experience that much better.
Optimized for Search Engines
Have your shop show up in search engines such as Google with detailed information about your shop and what you sell.
Detailed Analytics
View your shop's performance and customer retention in great detail using our analytics integration.

An experience your customers will love

A streamlined checkout process where items are issued in real-time, and accessible at any time. What more could you ask for?

Chat with customers

Communicate and assist your customers in real time with our support integrations.
Save big with no fees
Unlike competing services, we take no commission what-so-ever from the payments you receive. This improves your overall revenue quite noticeably.

All-in-one payment service providers

Providing effectively over 300+ unique payment methods for your customers to choose from.

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